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Achievements Of Deen Dayal Antyodaya Yojana-National Rural Livelihood Mission Distt Gurdaspur
Achievements of Red Cross Integrated and Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts, Gurdaspur
Achievements Of Childline-1098, Gurdaspur during the Year 2016-17

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Success story of Pig Farmer

Mr.Charanjit Singh S/O Sh.Sardari Lal of Batala Distt.Gurdaspur has an exemplary vision, “He never accepts Failure” Belonging to schedule caste community ,27 years old Charanjit was living a miserable life. His Father was a daily labour man having no other source of income. All his effort was not enough to meet the daily needs of his family. In such conditions Mr.Charanjit did his graduation from Govt. College Gurdaspur with Scholarship. He joined a private Bank as a sales representative .But he was not satisfied with this job. He started his own business of Disposable catering items. He found that profit in this business was not enough, so he tried some other fields. Finally he came to know about pig farming. He contacted Deputy Director Animal Husbandry Gurdaspur through Dr.Sarabjit singh Senior veterinary officer Batala for the same purpose. He got training in pig farming through department .With departmental help he borrowed loan of Rs.6lakh under Rastriya Krishi Vigyan Yojna in which there was a provision if 33% subsidy for schedule caste catagories. He started his pig farm in 2014 By his sincere efforts he succeeded in this venture. He sold his pigs worth Rs.155000/- in 2015 and of Rs.135000/- till march 2016. On today”s date he is a proud owner of a herd of 120 pigs. Mr.Charanjeet is very innovative,he moves across the markets in Punjab and other states to get appropriate rates of his product.

Success story of Goat Farmer

Sh.Jaswant singh s/o Sh.Om parkash of vill. Awankha Distt.Gurdaspur Mr. jaswant Singh belongs to backward class community .He is 38 years old .During childhood his family was very poor, living a miserable life. There was no source of income. Although very keen and intelligent in studies he dropped his studies in eighth class. His father started goat farming with 5 goats. With this small number of goats there was nothing to gain. Jaswant was elder among 3 sisters and 2 brothers and there was a great responsibility on his part, So he tookover and started goat farming with the initial flock of 5. He did his best, worked all the way to improve the number of goats in his flock. Now he is a proud owner of 40-45 goats and he sells about 30-35 kids every year on an average of Rs.4000/- per kid which is about 1,40,000/-per year .Beside this he sells milk of about Rs.4500-5000per month. He married his two sisters and one brother through the earnings from these goats. He bought a plot of 5 marla and constructed a shed for the goats. Today his Children are studying in a reputed school and jaswant is proud of that. This is not the end he inspired 5-6 other persons of his locality and they too are in gaot farming with an average flock of 25 goats. In the Ist National Animal Championship Jaswant”s goats got Ist, 2nd and third positions in breed .and he is continuously competing in district level championships and getting awards. Jaswant singh proudly says that his goats has gone from Jammu Kashmir university to kerala and Assam states for breeding and research purposes. He dreams a flock of more than 100 goats but due lack of funds and space he seeks govt. help.


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Related to school education.
1. In 8th class examination District Gurdaspur gained rank 1st in the state.
2. In the 12th class examination over 11 students of District Gurdaspur receive merit in which 6 of them are girls and 5 are boys. District Gurdaspur received this honour that two of its student’s name Rishabdeep Singh & Sumerjit Singh scored 450 out-off 45 marks in sports category.
3. District Gurdaspur got second position in the 10th class examination. Total 11 students fall in merit in which 10 of them are girls and 01 is boy.
4. In the I.C.S.E 10th class examination the girl of Tehsil Batala of district Gurdaspur stand 2nd in the state.

Regarding Major Achievements in Games besides Education
In Kabbadi circle Under -19 First Position in State Level and Second Position in National Level.
In Kabbadi circle Under -17 First Position in National Level in which students of Government Senior Secondary School Talwandi Rama and Dharowali give a proud to district by winning the matches.
IN Juddo Under -17,14 and 19 First, Second and Third Position in State Level and qualified the World School Games Minni Olympic.
Under -17 and 19 Boxing Championship Boys and Girls achieved Gold, Silver and Bronze Meddles at State level.
In Sky Marshal, Karate Boys and Girls achieved Gold, Silver and Bronz Meddles at State and National Level.
In Rope Skipping, Gymnastic. Karate, Badminton and Fencing Competition, Boys and Girls achieved Gold, Silver and Bronz Meddles at State and National Level.
In year of 2015-16 the achievements of students is good besides the education. Our Department as well as staff is committed to explore the talent and build the bright future of the students.

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Dilbagh Singh Cheema is Progressive Litchi Grower

DIlbag Singh Cheema is leading litchi grower based in village Bariar 3 Km. from Gurdaspur. He has 30 Acre land holding in village Bariar. His father Ajinder Singh Cheema had established a Litchi Orchard in 10 Acre land in 1984 with the guidance of Horticulture Department. S. AJinder Singh made good efforts for better yield and maintained good quality but he cannot successful due to lack of marketing. Dilbag Singh Lali Cheema also assisted his father in cultural practices of litchi orchard in the holiday time and after office time because he was on Govt. service in Mandi Board Punjab at Gurdaspur as a Secretary Marketing. After the death of his father Lali focused all his energy for the maintenance of litchi orchard. He adopted all the techniques of litchi cultivation such as applications of fertilizer, water management, spray schedule and canopy management those shared and advised by the department of horticulture. His son S. Karanpal Singh Cheema advocate also helped his father in the promotion of litchi orchard. Dilabg Singh Cheema also knows how to market his produce. Due to hard work now Dilbag Singh Cheema has been getting good return from this litchi orchard as compared to other traditional agriculture crops.
Now he is receiving Rs 10 to 12 lac from 10 Acre litchi orchard per year at the rate. 1.20 lac. Per Acre.
He was awarded by district administration and agriculture advisory Jalandhar and also his successful story published in news papers as well as Dordarshan also.

Manjit Singh is Progressive vegetable Grower

Manjit Singh S/o Sh Darshan Singh is belonged to Vill Nainekot block Kahnuwan. He is a small farmer. He started growing vegetables in the net house . In the beginning he has made one net house ( 1 Kannal )with the help of Horticulture Department. After the success he has made three net houses. Mr Manjit Singh growing vegetables like tomato, Cucumber, Capsicum in his net house. He also made the vermicompost unit with the help of National Horticulture Mission Scheme. With the guidelines of Horticulture Department so he started producing organic vegetables in their net house by using vermicompost. He often visit Horticulture Department Gurdaspur, P.A.U. Gurdaspur to learn latest techniques for the better production from their net house. He start self marketing of this produce and more benefit than other farmers. He and his all family members including his wife and children work in the net houses and also help in packing of vegetables.

Rajesh Kumar- A leading Bee Keeper in Honey bee farming

Rajesh Kumar S/o Ishar Das belonged to village Talibpur, P.O. Pandorie that is 10 km from Gurdaspur. He was a very small farmer. His father has 2 Acre land holding. After getting education up to metric he started work with his father in agriculture. Due to small land holding he always likes to establish his own business which can generate like self employment. After the death of his father the land was fragmented into three parts. He achieved only 7 kanal land of his share into the father property.
Once a day an unknown bee-keeper kept his bee boxes in his land. He accessed very deeply about the income of unknown bee-keeper. He was moralized and makes a mind for the honey bee farming. After this he approached to Horticulture Department for honey bee farming. The Department advised him to take training from K.V.K, Gurdaspur. After training he started honey bee farming from 5 bee boxes and got good experienced regarding the production of honey and its income. Then he planned to enhance this profession. , So He got more 100 honey bee boxes on his and wife’s name from Horticulture Department under National Horticulture Mission. Now he has total no. of 550 bee boxes. These boxes giving production 110 Q. honey per year which were giving Rs. 12 lac. return per year.
Now Rajesh Kumar becomes a leading bee-keeper in the district Gurdaspur.

Gurdial Singh-A successful horticulture farmer

S:Gurdial Singh S/o S: Nand Singh belonged to village Salopur block Kahnuwan District Gurdaspur. He is a small farmer. After passing matriculation he had been tried very much for a Government job till his marriage but he failed to got Government job, then he make his mind to help his father in agriculture. He started agriculture farming with his father in year 2000. During agriculture farming, he did not satisfied because the income from agriculture was very low, So he like to do something different to enhance his income. He started turmeric cultivation with the guidance of Horticulture Department in small area and make a haldi powder by manual processing system. He feels manual processing system is very laborious and expensive. Horticulture department advice to him to install a mechanized processing unit. He made a haldi group named “Green Gold Group” and collectively installed mechanized processing unit. The family member of Gurdial Singh also play a big role in processing of haldi like washing, boiling and grinding.
He also increased the production of kachi haldi from 60 Q. to 110 Q with the adoption of latest techniques like mulching and application of farm yard manure.For the promotion of value addition and self employment Horticulture Department had given 25% subsidy on “Green Gold processing Unit” as per NHM guidelines. Now he is feeling very satisfied.

He was awarded by P.A.U, Ludhiana, Horticulture Department Punjab at Chappar Chiri and Local administration also.


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Successful fish farmer Mr. Balkar Singh vill. Dhanne Dist. Gurdaspur

Shri Balkar Singh S/o Shri Mangal Singh is a resident of vill. Dhanne P.O. Qadian (Block Qadian) Dist. Gurdaspur. Shri Balkar Singh is 38 years old. His academic qualification is SSC (10+2). He tried hard to get a suitable job but was not successful. He possessed only two acres of agricultural land and it was very difficult for him to sustain his family expenditure from that land. He is also physically challenged person so it was more difficult for him to do agriculture. Shri Balkar Singh attended training for fish farming at Fisheries department Gurdaspur in year 2000. After that he developed a in one acre of land on the guidelines and technical assistance of Fisheries department Gurdaspur. He put all his efforts in fish farming and started earning a handsome profit from the profession. Encouraged by his success and good assistance from the department he expanded his fish pond to two acres. In recognition of his efforts department paid him Rs. 23800/as a subsidy in the year 2003 to further encourage him. Now Shri Balkar Singh is well trained in netting. He catches the fish and does its marketing himself. This further has increased his income.
Fish farmer also got training for intensive Fish Farming a training camp organised with the help of National Fisheries Development Board. After that fish farmer installed an aerator in his fish pond and has also developed a nursery for rearing fish seed. At present fish farmer is practising intensive fish farming very successfully and other people of that area also being inspired by his success in the profession of fish farming.

A Success Storey of a progresive fish farmer

Sh. Harjit Singh S/o Late S. Jagdev Singh, VPO Bhamri, Block Qadian, Pond at Village Taragarh Tehsil Batala, District Gurdaspur took the village Pond of Taragarh measuring area 4.40 ha (11Acre) on lease dated 20.07.2009 for ten years for aquaculture. The farmer got the training of fish farming from fisheries department Gurdaspur. The fish farmer took the loan of Rs.5.0 lakhs from Punjab National Bank Harchowal for renovation of Village Pond & the Farmer renovated the pond in two parts and constructed the Bundhs and installed water chambers and tubewell etc. The fish farmer is doing the fish farming from 06.09.2010 till date successfully. The farmer has installed one aerator also which is a operating with electricity to increase the oxygen level in the pond in emergency & the aerator prevents the deficency of oxygen by oxygenation of water and decreases the mortality of fish. The fish farmer is selling the fish @ Rs. 70-80/- per kg after every 10 days interval and the farmer is getting the cash amount of sale of fish on the spot. The Fish farmer told that the village panchyats should lease the village ponds without any hesitation so that age old aquaculature heritage could be preserved. The fish farmer told that fisheries departments is guiding him from time to time and also aranges the exposure visit to update the knowledge of fisheries. The village panchyat is also getting the lease money of pond every year for development of village works. The fish farmer is an example for other fish farmers to adopt fish farming for better livehood, employment & economic security. The aquaculture recharges the water table of the earth as water is an important component for the servival of creature. The water cannot be made but it can be used for proper purposes

Fish farming in village pond

Shri Surinder Singh S/o Shri Tarsem Singh is a resident of of Vill. Bham Dist. Gurdaspur. His academic qualification is B.A.. He tried a lot to get a decent job but was not successful. Shri Surinder Singh then attended Fish Farming Training Camp in the year 1998. After that he got his village pond of area fourteen acres on lease for the time of ten years from the village Panchayat. He renovated the village pond according to the guidelines of the Fisheries Department. Then he stocked the fish seed in the pond and started the fish farming. Soon after he started earning a good income from it. Shri Surinder Singh also got training in Intensive First Farming under the scheme of National Fisheries Development Board in the year 201112. Fish farmer again got the same pond on lease for a period of ten years . He desilted the pond and repaired the embankments. Now the fish farmer had also developed a fish seed nursery along with the fish pond and has adopted new techniques of fish farming and installed aerator. Fish farmer successfully rears required amount of fish seed in the nursery,feeds it properly and takes a good care of it. When it develops to a proper size, then it is transferred to the fish pond. Proper oxygen supply is maintained in the pond by aerator required in the Intensive Fish Farming. It also enhances the fish production and eliminates the chances of fish mortality due to O 2 deficiency. Farmer is earning a very good income from the progression of fish farming in the village pond. Other fish farmers of the area being encouraged by this are getting are getting the village pond on lease for fish farming.

FISH FARMING- (As a meaningful diversification in agriculture)

Our family migrated from Pakistan and we were allotted land in Qadian, district Gurdaspur. There was a natural one acre pond in our land. Our father, late Sardar Gurdial Singh Bajwa was a keen Shikaari and very enterprising. He started putting finger-lings of Rahu fish in this pond, collecting the same from other natural water bodies. He used no feed for the fish which fed on natural planktons etc. the fish in the pond used to grow from half kg to 1 kg in a year. And this fish was sufficient for the regular needs of our family. After his death the pond was more or less in neglect as we brothers joined service. Then around the year 1990 my son Sukhdeep Singh, grandson of Sardar Gurdial Singh Bajwa, started taking keen interest in fish farming and expanded one acre farm to about ten acres with proper embankments and assured water supply which is key factor in fish farming. He installed 12 kw diesel generator and solar panels to assure regular supply of water. He laid plastic pipes along the embankments of the ponds and in the pipes he made small v-shape cuts at regular intervals these cuts sprayed the water in the ponds to effect aeration in the water. He purchased two electric aerators for the pond water from the fisheries department on subsidy. Our fish farm is a model fish farm and scientist from the Guru Angad Dev University, Ludhiana also visited it many times. The fisheries department Gurdaspur is regularly in touch with us and we purchase fish seed from them. We manufacture our own fish feed too. As the feed supplied by the companies is very costly we produce about 2 tons of fish per acre. Seeds of 5 non carnivorous fish are put in the ponds and it grows from 1kg to 3kg depending on the variety of fish. Marketing of fish is not a problem we sell it locally as well as to the parties of Ludhiana. If some of it is not sold it makes no difference since the ponds become the storage tanks and the fish keep growing. Fish farming is a very technical job and needs proper knowledge. In summer it needs extensive aeration otherwise the fish will die due to lack of oxygen in the water. In summer the water on the surface gets heated up and becomes lighter whereas water at the bottom is cool and is heavier and as a result lighter water at the top does not go down and there is no circulation of water containing air/oxygen. The fish which remains mostly at the bottom in the pond dies due to lack of oxygen because the top water containing air/oxygen does not circulate. In winter the fish hibernates and as such needs no feeding and the water also circulates as the top water is cold and settles down naturally. The main enemies of the fish are snakes, cormorants and common Heron which inflict the maximum damage in the ponds. With proper management all stated above negative factors in fish rearing can be effectively managed. Sukhdeep Singh Bajwa is now looking after it addition to two agriculture farms and I am now helping him to look after the fish farm at Qadian. If the fish farm is run on sound basis it gives much higher return than agriculture farming.

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Avtar singh S/O Singra singh

Avtar singh S/O Singra singh, 25 years R/O Khothy Ghurala gurdaspur now service in punjab police PAP SPORTS Complex jalandhar.

Achievements - Avtar singh is qualified for RIO Olympics 2016 in 90 kg weight category. He is only one judoka from india who is qualified for Olympic in 12 years as a male member of india and second olympion of punjab after 20 years. He won gold medal South Asian games at Shilong 2016.

Jasleen Singh S/O Sh. Naresh Kumar

Jasleen Singh S/O Sh. Naresh Kumar studying in Layalpur Khalsa College Jalandhar. Address - Jail road near Lucky Palace Gurdaspur, Village – Sainpur

Achievements -1. First position in Asian Cadet championship 2014 (TAIPE), 2.First position in junior Asian championship 2015 (HONGKONG), 3. 7th place in senior Asian championship 2016 (Tashkand), 4.first place in Saf games 2016 at Shilong India !

Karanjit singh maan S/o Amrik singh maan

Karanjit singh maan S/o Amrik singh maan, Vill maan, PO sidhwan, Gurdaspur.

Achievements - Saf games 2016 gold ! National games 2015 silver ! Senior national 2016 gold ! Senior national 2015 bronze ! Senior national 2014 silver ! World university games participation ! Grand slam participation ! Grand Prix participation ! All india intervarsity 5 gold !

Bhumika Thakur D/o Randhir Singh

Bhumika Thakur D/o Randhir Singh R/o Village Haripur PO Dinanagar

Achievements She started her carrier in athletics
( long jump) . She has appeared in School National Games, Inter University and World University Games held in South Korea during July 2015. She got Third Position in long jump with a distance of 6.23 meters held in kerala in February 2015.


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Success Story of NRI returned farmer

S.kabal Singh, an NRI turned into farmer, of village Block Dhariwal. He passed his metric from the village school and went Norway in 1996 , he came back to his village in 2011 and started his own farming. He is having 6 acre of land where he grows wheat and paddy initially . After that, he faced many problems such as marketing and low turnover from the farm. In 2012, he came in contact with ATMA and agriculture dept. ATMA officials suggested him for self marketing of his production. After getting training on soya been processing, he started his own processing unit. Now he is maintaining a farm of 6 acre where he grows soya been, pulses, oilseed crops, paddy and fodder crops for his milking animals. Along with cultivation of these crops, he runs soya been plant at least 5 to 6 hrs per day. Raw material for soya been plant is mostly produced at his farm he also purchase raw material from local market. The waste material of the processing plant is used as cattle feed for his milk animals , making nutri and other edible soya products. He has two employees who look after the processing plant, fields and cattle’s. For the marketing of soya products he is having contact with big retail shop where he sells his products. He also has contact with some contractors who purchase directly from him . From all these soya products and his farm, he earns a good income. Now his monthly income is 90,000/- per month. He is a role model for those farmers who face the marketing and other problems in agriculture.

Success Story of Gurpal Singh

Gurpal Singh was an ordinary farmer during the year 2001. He was using old techniques in farming system. His village is situated at remote corner of the block. His earning was very low. He came in contact with department of agriculture in 2008. After coming in the contract with ATMA, he came aware of all departments related to Agriculture. He was given training in training camp organized by dept. of agriculture. Demonstration on different crops was conducted in his fields. He attended field days on different crops. Now Gurpal Singh is a progressive farmer. He follows all the techniques given by Agriculture and Dairy Department. He is getting maximum yield in agricultural crops. He has been diversified from cereal crops to Pulses and Sugarcane. He is selling Pulses on large scale. He is also doing Vermi culture. He has started Dairy Farming by getting training from Dairy Dept. and innovated from Exposure Visit. He has 20 cattles. Other farmers of his village follows him.

Success story of Palwinder Singh

S. Palwinder Singh S/o Raghubir Singh is a progressive farmer of vill. Sahari, block Dhariwal . He passed his senior secondary from his village school. He owns an area of 15 acre and a milk collection center. In addition to this, he maintained a shed of 16 milking animals. His daily sale of milk from dairy is 120 lt. and collection of milk is 3600 lt. per month. From which he earns a good profit. Initially he was a normal farmer using traditional means of farming and used to grow only wheat and paddy. After coming in contact with ATMA officials, he got chance to attend exposure visit to different states of the country from where he got awareness about modern farming techniques. After that he also got trainings on high density planting, multi and inter cropping system, dairy farming etc.. Now he uses latest farming techniques in his fields like high density plantation, integrated pest and weed management, Direct sowing of rice(DSR), inter-cropping techniques for cultivating various crops. He diversified to grow high quality basmati rice, sugarcane, pulses, oilseed crops and vegetables in his fields. He also markets them at his own and get good returns from his crops. He also gives agricultural implements on rent basis to other farmers to get additional income. He is a member of Production committee, Gurdaspur. He was also awarded for his work by honorable Deputy Commissioner, Gurdaspur. His dream is to intensify his current activities into an agro industry in upcoming years.

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Various Activities Of Nehru Yuva Kendra Gurdaspur

Sh. Vijay Sampla, MOS for Social Justice & Empowerment ,Govt. of India Blessed the Youth in Closing Function of Punar Jagran Rath Yatra Programme at Bungal Badani.

A 3 Days Training of Youth leadership & Community Dev elopment Camp 40 Youthhas organised at Satkoha l for 40 Youth of 08 different villages of Dharwal Block. Sh. Amrit Pal Singh,Distt. Prject Officer, NYK Gurdaspur, Sarpanch Gram Panchayat Stkoha & Sh. Tej Partap Singh Kahlon Lecturar Polytechnic College Batala and Smt. Parampreet Kaur President, Mahila Mandal Suchetgarh & Participants.


Nehru Yuva Kendra Gurdaspur organised International Yoga Day at Guru Teg Bahadur Interfaith acedmy Balpurian on 21.06.2015 in which Sh. Suresh Bhattian, President BJP Batala was the Chief Guest. Sh. Harwinder Singh Shahbad, Sh. Manmohan Attri , Accountant,NYK Gurdaspur , Sh. Amrit Pal Singh Bajwa, DPO,NYK Gurdaspur & Sh. Gurmeet Singh ,President ,Lok Bhalai Sanstha Balpurian, Dr. Pankhuri Kamal- Qadian & 500 Youth from Near by Villages & Clubs were Participated in this Yoga Diwas.

Nehru Yuva Kendra Gurdaspur organised District Level Sports Tournament at Ghanie Ke Banger coordination with Dashmesh Sports Club Ghanie Ke Banger from 25-28 Feb .2016. In which Youth Club expend Rs. 1,76,700/-. In this Tournament following VIP were visited:- Sh.Gagan Preet Singh-Commandant Punjab Homegard,Sh. Sorav Arora-SDM Batala, Sh. Harisharan Sharma-DSP Fatehgarh Churian, Sh. Harpal Singh Randhawa- DSP Dera Baba Nanak, Sh. Bikram Singh Gill,DYC,NYK Gurdaspur, Mohant Tilk Dass Nanak Chak, Sh. Mukhtiar Singh Block Samiti Member & Sarpanches of 10 Villages etc.


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Construction of Meritorious School at Urban Estate (PUDA) Near Bye Pass Block and District Gurdaspur

The Admn approval of the Meritorious School at Gurdaspur was issued by the Project Director of Society for Promotion of Quality Education for Poor and Meritorious Students of Punjab, Mohali vide Memo No. M.S./2015/1342 Dated 30-07-2015 for Rs. 2687.36 lacs. The foundation stone was Laid by The Hon’ble Chief Minister of Punjab S. Parkash Singh Badal on 01-09-2015. On that day Hon’ble Chief Minister announced that the project will be completed on June, 2016 and also announced that classes will be start from the first weak of July, 2016. The work of the construction of school is going very speedily by the agency to achieve the target set by the Hon’ble Chief Minister Punjab i.e. June 2016. This school is constructed with the Modern facilities i.e. Computer Science lab, Physics lab, Bio-technology lab, Chemistry lab and fully ventilated class rooms with Fire fighting system and Solar system. Boys hostel and Girls hostel is constructing separately. The residences for the staff and other employees are also provided in the school complex. The total plot area of the Meritorious School is 10.3 acres. 650 girls students and 350 boys students are studying in this school for free of cost. This project funded by 50% PIDB and 50% PUDA. The arrangement for the 24 hours drinking water supply and electricity are to be provided in the school. The provision of play grounds is also arranged having facilities of so many games. The aim of the construction of Meritorious School is to provide the highly qualified education to meritorious and poor students. The Peoples of this area appreciate the step of the Punjab Government for development of education of meritorious and poor students of Punjab.The main buildings constructed in this school are as under:-
School Block The double storey block has total covered area 35341sqft including the provision for 5 No. Science Labs ( Size 38’-6” x 19’-6”), 1 No. Library ( Size 33’-0” x 19’-6”), 22 No. Class Rooms ( Size 27’-6” x 19’-6”), 1 No. Principal Office ( Size 19’-6” x 10’-6”), 5 No. Staff Rooms ( Size 19’-6” x 10’-9”), 1 No. Store ( Size 19’-6” x 11’-9”), 4 No. toilet block for girls, 3 No. toilet block for boys and a Ramp.
Girls Hostel The triple storey block has 104964 sqft total covered area including the provision for 109 No. Dormatory ( Size 22’-0” x 16’-6”), 1 No. Mess ( Size 84’-6” x 76’-0”), 1 No. reading room ( Size 50’-3” x 35’-3”), 1 No. Common Room ( Size 50’-3” x 41’-0”), and 30 No. toilet block ( Size 22’-6” x 12’-6”).
Boys Hostel The triple storey block has 63857 sqft total covered area including the provision for 58 No. Dormatory ( Size 22’-0” x 16’-6”), 1 No. Mess ( Size 58’-9” x 39’-9”), 1 No. reading room ( Size 37’-3” x 33’-9”), 1 No. Common Room ( Size 33’-9” x 28’-0”), and 16 No. toilet block ( Size 22’-6” x 13’-6”).
Residence Block This block has 9180 sqft. total covered area including the provision of 1 No. Principal residence ( area 1420 sqft.) and 6 No. Staff Quarter ( area 7760 sqft.)
OHSR and Sub Station There is a provision of one OHSR having capacity 75000 liters and also provision of one pump chamber and installing electricity sub-station
Playing Grounds There is provision of 2 No. Basket ball grounds ( Size 92’-0” x 49’-0”), 2 No. Volleyball grounds ( Size 49’-0” x 29’-6”) and 1 No. 200 meters Athletics track.

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A Success Story of Under Ground Pipe Line System

Sh Didar Singh of village Bagrian District Gurdaspur has adopted the under ground Pipe Line system in his thirty acres of land by the guidance of the Soil and Water Conservation Deaprtment. The total lenth of the under Ground pipe line is 1200mt. The Soil and Water Conservation Deaprtment introduced an innovative and relevant technique for the optimum and efficient utilization of irrigation water in the shape of UGPS. This farmer has adopted this technique and saved his land and thus an increase in cultivated area. The benefit has further helped to increase in yield, production and Socio-Economic status of the farmers. UGPL also helps in saving of energy, fertilizer, labour and Land development. UGPL is a highly efficient system as it has helped in catching up the time gap of conventional irrigation system. The UGPL not only needs less numbers of tubewells/gensets but also helped in Ground Water utilization. The production has been increased 20 to 30 percent by the installation of the UGPLS. The labour cost for the maintenace of open channel is saved and population of weeds has also been under control. So the labour expenditure on herbicides and manual labour has been saved. In traditional open surface irrigation methods the losses in water conveyance and application are large, these losses can be considerably reduced by adopting UGPLS method as the Didar Singh farmer adopted this method. The farmer is now happy.


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The steel town of Batala was declared as one of the four critically polluted city of Punjab alongwith Ludhiana, Jalandhar, and Mandi Gobindgarh by the Punjab Government in the year 2011 as a study conducted by Punjab Pollution Control Board admitted that pollution level have touched hazardous level, affecting the health of residents. On the direction of the State Government a massive afforestation project named ‘Green Batala’ was launched in the year 2011 and in next two years, about 23000 sapling was planted on all roads around Batala city and all strategic places such as ITI Campus, Judicial Complex, Government Polytechnic College etc. As per the WHO’s air pollution assessment report 2016, Batala city is out of the “critically polluted cities of Punjab” Bracket The Massive afforestation drive resulted in particulate matter level’s going down considerably making lives of residents of Batala city better.

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Zaffarwal Self Help Group

The Origin

Zaffarwal Self Help Group is formed in Village Zaffarwal of Block Dhariwal in District Gurdaspur under Deen Dayal Antyodaya Yojana-National Rural Livelihood Mission. Motivated by NRLM Staff to come out of poverty with the help of Self Help Group. 12 Household belonging to BC Category have joined to gather and formed zaffarwal Self Help Group on dated 04-03-2012. They initiated saving of Rs 100/- per member after undergoing several rounds of training on SHG management.

After observing the performance of SHG, the Branch Union Bank of India Dhariwal opened the saving account of SHG and formed the 1,25,000/- Cash Credit Limit of SHG

After observing the performance of SHG, the Government given 15,000/- as a Revolving Fund and 55,000/- as Community Investment Fund to the SHG.
The Progress

From hesitating to come out of their houses and face men, the women now reached a stage of conducting SHG weekly meeting on their own,

Initiated Currently doing saving Rs100/- in month per member

Conducted 190 SHG meetings so far and saved Rs 60,000/-(Rs 5,000/- per member)

Extended 47 loans to their members to the tune of Rs 6,24,000/-

Undergone several rounds training on bookkeeping and SHG management.

Maintaining itself good liaison with village Organization and other Govt Institution.
Financial impact

Financial security and stability

Gained excellent skills in financial management and proper utilization of loans

Loan support to members of Rs. 6, 24,000/- and create their on assets.

Creation of multiple livelihoods.

Enhanced standard of living, having good food, clothes, house etc.
Social impact

Stopped going to moneylender.

Few member learnt signatures and small arithmetic.

Enhanced knowledge on Social welfare schemes


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Achievements of NRI Sabha, District Unit, Gurdaspur
So far, the NRI Sabha, Gurdaspur, has redressed the complaints of 197 NRIs, including their nominees, to their satisfaction.

Air Conditioned Mortuary has been constructed with modern facilities in the premises of the Civil Hospital, Gurdaspur from 20th June 2008, with the funds from the NRIs registered with the NRI Sabha, District Unit, Gurdaspur.

Objectives of NRI Sabha, District Unit, Gurdaspur
To work for the welfare and promotion of the interest of the NRIs, in general, and NRIs of the District Gurdaspur, in particular, without any discrimination on the grounds of caste, creed, religion. To work for the social welfare and economic development of Gurdaspur District with the participation of NRIs. To work for the promotion of cultural and ethnic bonds of Punjabi NRIs, especially of the new generations. To work as a forum of NRIs of Gurdaspur District and India. To create, promote or affiliate societies, trusts or companies and to acquire assets raise loans and obtain donation and grant for the activities pursuant to the above objectives. To act as an agency of the District for promoting of the welfare of NRIs of Gurdaspur District. To act as a trustee of the properties of the NRIs of Gurdaspur District who wish to entrust their properties to the Sabha for such trusteeship. There are 171 NRIs registered with NRI Sabha, District Branch, Gurdaspur

Achievements of Red Cross Integrated and Rehabilitation Centre for Addicts, Gurdaspur Skip to main content
Success Stories

1. By and by the centre is briskly advancing forward to the sucess of becoming one of the leading centers of the nation . The infrastructure of this 30 bedded center has now been fully modernized.

2. The center is fully air-conditioned,for the comfortable stay of the clients during the course of thier treatment.

3. Outdoor games like Badminton,etc,are made an important and compulsory part of the treatment,and indoor games like ludo,chess,cards etc,as,reading newspaper/maganize,watching Television,etc,is encouraged,in order to keep the clients busy.

4. To ensure provision of 24 hours electricity supply and dealing with the unpredictable power cuts,a high power Generator has been installed at the center.

5. Facility of an indoor Free Kitchen has also been provided for a carefree stay of indoor clients in the center during thier course of Detoxification.

6. Free food to all addicts and thier attendants is being served.

7. All the records of the center have been computerized.

8. The clients are being attended by one of the experienced and leading medical Specialist of the day.

9. Water cooler,Water Purifier,and big size Fridge have been installed in the center for the use of the clients.

10. With all these facilities presently provided at the center have almost doubled the figures in registration at the out patient Department and indoor admission, as well.

11. Under the Rehabilitation we have been able to provide employment to more than 955 Youths in various profession after getting them loans from different banks.

12. A Multi-purpose gym and well-equipped Laborarty have been set up at this center for the benefits of the clients.

13. Private AC Rooms are available for the deserving families in the center.

14. Home theatre in a big room of 32'* 12' size,where documentery films against addiction are being shown to the addicts.

15. Well equipped library where books especial on drug abuse awarness written by aminent author and other various books concering moral building,are povided for the guidance of the clients.

16. Medical treatment of the addicts with free costly medicines (bieng provided by the center from it own sources) and attended by a renown MD Docter along with special consultation by Psychiatrist from civil Hospital Gurdaspur, visiting the Center regularly.

17. A special Meditation room in the basement, of 32'* 12'size, has been set up for prayers and yoga.

18. Well-equipped Laboratory.

Achievements Of Childline-1098,
Gurdaspur during the Year 2016-17
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CHILDLINE Gurdaspur has successfully solved the 241 cases of children in distress whose complaints were received through CHILDLINE-1098 as per details given below:
1. Rescued 37 children involved in child labour.
2. Provided sponsorship to 87 children.
3. Shelter provided to 6 children.
4.30 Children saved from exploitation.
5.2 Missing children send to their respective homes.
6.Emotional support and guidence to 56 children.
7.Provided mediacl help 23.


1 As per case ID no, 36094 it was informed that missing child named bunty s/o papu age10 years r/o near new delhi railway station who was in the custody of children hone gurdaspur. this case was forwarded to children -1098 by child welfare committe,Gurdaspur.with great efforts of our two team numbers of Childline-1098 namely Mr.ankush mahajan & Mr.harmanjeet singh,the child was handed over to children home at sbt. shelter home,New delhi.

2 Child-harpreet s/o gurdeep singh age 8 years R/o dhariwal,punjab was founded by HC.Anchal kumar yhansa on 22.03.2016 during his duty hours at railway station jammu. now the whereabouts of the child has traced with the help of pcr,jammu & dhariwal, punjab. the home verification was done done by CHILDLINE GURDASPUR.NOW there is an urgent need of restoration of the child to his guardian our CHIDLINE team handed over (restored) the child to his guardian at dhariwal,punjab.

3 As per ID NO:46285 Dated 06.03.2016 Abortion of female feticide it has been reported by some girl that muskan W/O rajesh kumar going to abort the second pregnancy nurse name kamla residing on receipt of this information Dr.c.s kahlon district family welfare officer and police party. we are able to register FIR against culprits.F.I.R no.0034 dated 21.03.2016

4 Case ID no.49644 dated 31.03.2016 Medical Help.child kashish age 5 year met with an accident and there is a serious injury on her brain with the request of child parents and recommendation of all vill.sarpanch CHILDLINE team take the spot checking report to the project director romesh mahajan & they have been sanction rupee 5000/- for the help of need child.

5 case ID No.89687 on 14-dec-16/ sh jai raghubir coordinator along with team member ankush mahajan to look into the veracity of complaint made by Ms. rabia D/O davinder pal R/O mohalla OHRI GATE.GALI NO 2,Batala through some unknow person where by she was reported at toll free telephone no.1098 that she is minor girl having D.O.B 12/6/1999 and her parents are forcibly marrying her with one sh.roop lal R/O quadian.she has also submitted in writing that she does not want to marry at this early age and want to carry her further studies My team member impressed upon her parents not to marry her till she attains submitted in writing that she does not want to marry at this early age and want to carry her further studies my team member impressed upon her parents not to marry her till she attains majority but they are adamant for her marriage on 22-dec-2016 The marriage of minor girl is punishable under section 5 of hindu marriage act,1955.

6 Stoppage of illegal marriage of manpreet kaur alias priya D/O.Late. Sh.Kashmir singh, vill.Harsian TEH.Batala(now lalliyan wali gali,batala),distt.gurdaspur,which was going to be solemnized on 01-12-2012.this action has of course saved the girl from the miseries which she was going to bear on account of the greediness of her this matter after talking the affidavit of girl's mother,she was sent to jalandhar gandhi vanti Aashram for girl under police custody where she completeld her+2.Now she is undergoing higher studies at Chandigarh.