DISE Capsule for Elections 2023

Instruction for Submitting DISE Data

1.  Submit the Hard Copies of the data entered in the DISE software as mentioned below

     a.    Employee Check List

     b.    Undertaking

     c.    Print Summary

     d.    List of Group D Employees / Multitasking staff

2.  BLO, Handicapped and Long Leave (Medical Leave) employees of concerned departments should be marked clearly in the   

     software  while data entry and their proofs must be submitted along with the Undertaking Certificate.

3. Submit the DISE output folder (containing backup folder and lot file) in the CD/DVD only, No pen drive or

     flash drive should be accepted.

4. The full and final complete data and all the hard copies of data will only be accepted in a single file cover,  where CD/DVD      

     should be in the cover also tagged with the same file.

5.   All the hard copies must be stamped and signed by the head of the department .

6. Hard and Soft copy (in same CD/DVD) of  Group D Employees / Multitasking staff  information must be submitted in the

     same file.

7. For any queries and technical issues, please contact at the following number: 01874-245370 and email id:   


 DISE-Capsule Software (Compressed RAR File ) 
S. No.  Description Download
 1 User Manual and Instructions for Installing DISE Capsule    Click Here
2 Instructions for submitting the DISE Data Click Here
3  DISE Capsule Software Click Here
4 DeptData.MDB file (Database file) Click Here
5 Picture Resizer Click Here
6 Schedule for data submission
Click Here