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In 1740 Massa ranghar was decapitated by Sukha Singh and mehtab Singh, to avenge the defilement of Harirnander Sahib. Sukha Singh’s popularity among the Khalsa soared and soon he became leader of a separate jatha. Early in 1746, Sukha Singh joined Sardar jassa Singh Ahluwalia and pushed northwards entering the Eminabad territory in Gujranwala district, where they were attacked by the local jagirdar (landlord) Jaspat Rai brother of Lakhpat Rai, the diwan (chief revenue officer) of Yahiya Khan, governor of Lahore. Jaspat Rai was killed in the encounter. The bitter Lakhpat Rai wreaked terrible vengeance for the slaying of his brother. Sikhs living in Lahore were rounded up and beheaded at Shahid Ganj, those copies of Guru Granth Sahib that could be found were burnt. Hundreds of Sikhs were put to death each day and their heads presented to the Governor of Lahore for reward. Lakhpat Rai plundered Harimandar Sahib, filling the pool with sand.
In May 1746 a mammoth force under the personal command of Yahiya Khan and Lakhpat Rai marched against the Khalsa. The Sikhs retreated north of Lahore only to find their path blocked by troops of Hillman. Some fought their way through and escaped into the mountains, others turned back and tried to get across the Bari Doab to Sikh columns doming to their help. Surrounded in the swamps of Kahnuwan, nearly seven thousand Sikhs were killed and three thousand prisoners were taken to Lahore and executed at Shahid Ganj. This episode of Sikh history is known as Chhota Ghallughara or minor holocaust.

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